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Giving your clients more is one thing. Giving your clients something that saves them money, lowers their risk and positively impacts the lives of their employees and employee family members is the differentiator that sets you apart from others.

For minimal cost, our solution seamlessly integrates into your offering to deliver the best in health and wellness to your clients. We do all the heavy lifting to setup and integrate with your existing processes, automate all the day-to-day activities and manage all the efforts. You see the rewards and reap the praise as you lower your client’s risk and improve the lives of their employees and family members.

And unlike other programs, we bill only for services provided. This means your clients are investing wisely by spending on only those who want to change. Further, it means we can bill services through 835 claims, which minimizes your efforts, provides enhanced accountability, and given our risk reduction success, allows you to negotiate our service charges into reinsurance caps.