Our core programs are designed around producing results.

Chronic Condition Management

Employees with chronic conditions are at the greatest risk and represent the largest health care expense for any employer. This population also offers the greatest wellness improvement potential to reduce costs, minimize absenteeism, enhance productivity and improve quality of life.

WellVisor offers the services of registered nurses who provide individualized programs, help set and monitor goals and conduct one-on-one monthly counseling sessions.

Wellness Coaching and Disease Prevention

The goal of every wellness program is keeping people healthy.

WellVisor provides the knowledge, advice and coaching needed to build healthier lifestyles and reduce health risks. Certified wellness coaches are available to help employees improved their health and set personalized goals designed to prevent the onset of illness and disease. It’s the ideal “middle ground” for employees who need more help staying well.

Self-Guided Education and Healthy Habits

Your healthiest employees can also benefit from WellVisor solutions.

The WellVisor Health Engine is a comprehensive messaging framework that’s run on a HIPAA secure cloud technology platform that allows unlimited employee engagement capabilities. Offering innovative education programs on a wide variety of health topics, allows employees to customize their learning and rewards based on their individual goals and interests.

The WellVisor Health Engine allows participants to connect their wellness devices, earn incentives, and conduct competitive challenges and contests that help make wellness more fun.

This proven self-guided, integrated wellness experience keeps employees engaged in their wellness journey for the long-term.

Preventative Medicine and Specialized Programs

Coordination and reporting of annual biometric testing, vaccination compliance, and procedure compliance are some of the preventative programs that keep your employees and their families well, while reducing costs.

WellVisor additionally offers specialized programs for smoking cessation, stress management, weight loss, financial wellness, maternity and care management – as well as custom programs created for other specific health risks.

The Latest Technology for Superior Communications

In today’s technology-savvy world, your employees want to choose the channel, format and type of messaging they want to receive. This extensive functionality is fully customizable to employer or carrier needs.

WellVisor offers:

  • Secure messaging: Email, SMS and Text messaging options
  • WellVisor.com a responsive and secure web and mobile application
  • Personalized news feed, notices and alert options
  • Personalized approach to identify weaknesses and build a solid foundation in Mental, Physical Activity, Nutrition and Prevention
  • Wearable device connectivity and integration

Offering the latest technology enables WellVisor to produce the wellness results and return-on-investment you expect.

Ease of Administration and Security

The WellVisor Health Engine can receive and integrate data from any source in managing the process of improving health and overall wellbeing.

Information is hosted in redundant, HIPAA secure facilities with unlimited scalability to meet any fluctuations in user demand. The health event and process management system can schedule and track unlimited events and drive automated decisions and actions.

Clients can also choose to setup specific rules based on needs and goals.

An intuitive administration portal provides real-time information to the program administrator. Role-based access to information and automated reporting provides effective and secure program management.

Standard reports include:

  • Program participation (monthly)
  • Credit/incentive status (weekly)
  • Biometric status (weekly)
  • Enrollments/terminations (weekly)
  • Billing details (monthly and on-demand)
  • Outcome reporting (annually)

Getting Started

WellVisor ensures that on-boarding your wellness provider is simple and efficient.

The process begins with an in-depth analysis of your health care claims to benchmark wellness needs, budget and plan. We pinpoint areas of opportunity and fine-tune your solution.

Next, we setup eligibility claims files, define the biometric process, setup automated reporting, and create launch communications, based on your specific goals and needs.

WellVisor can launch most wellness programs in 30 days or less.

Wellness, Done Right

WellVisor provides a unique approach that’s proven to produce the best possible results for employers and insured. Based in Roswell, Georgia, we were founded on the principals of accountability with a focus on the needs of the individual. Well organized, efficient and customer focused, we target solutions to employees based on their needs. With the most advanced health engine available, we can offer the full spectrum of wellness program options and help take your program to a new level.

Our mission is to reduce the cost of healthcare while improving employee health and wellbeing. We focus on ensuring your investment in wellness is well spent with an accountability model that rewards behavioral change by empowering personal wellness.

Choose WellVisor and embark on a fruitful wellness journey for you and your employees.