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Case Study: Phoebe Putney Health System, Inc.
Plan Paid Decreased 12%


Held Constant or Decreased

Blood Sugar

Held Constant or Decreased

Blood Pressure

Held Constant or Decreased


Held Constant or Decreased


In 2015

Risk Score

Held Constant or Decreased

Reduced Healthcare Costs

Plan Paid Decreased 12%

Snapshot of Success

Case Study: Phoebe Putney Health System, Inc. – 2015 3rd Party Assessment

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How We Get There

Approach Based on Key Success Factors

All Automated Within Our Wellvisor & Benevisor Systems

Programs Approach

  • Encapsulate efforts into “programs”
  • Each program is designed around specific needs of an employer group
  • Key considerations within a program
    • What risk does this group represent
    • How much is this group costing
    • What goals will mean improvement
    • Potential return on wellness efforts
    • Specific actions to be taken

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