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How Our
Corporate Wellness Solutions

Employee healthcare costs are out of control.
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Your Health Plan Area of Opportunity

Corporate Wellness Solutions that Work!

Other corporate wellness solutions require spending per participant with little regard to challenge, potential for return or participant commitment to health changes. Provectus Health Strategies focuses your investment where your dollars can give you the greatest return. That’s how we are turning the corporate wellness pyramid on it’s head.

The majority of your health plan participants are in good health, which means they are costing the plan very little money. As a result, investing the same number of wellness dollars on your healthy population and the rest of your participants will not yield your highest wellness dollar return.

Provectus Health Strategies invests proportionally to the opportunity for change, personal commitment and return on wellness investment. Since your “diseased” population has the most opportunity for return, we start focusing our wellness programs with those who are most ready to make healthy changes. We then identify those who have compromised health, or those on the verge of facing chronic health issues. Investing in high impact areas has been key to the success of our clients’ wellness programs.

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Our Corporate Wellness Programs

Chronic Condition Management

We focus on the greatest opportunity for improvement. We start with individuals who most need and most want to use our health and wellness services. Thus, our certified nurses provide collaborative management and self-management education to participants with chronic conditions.

Preempting New Chronic Cases

Proactive intervention can preempt new chronic cases. Provectus health and wellness programs identify cases with borderline attributes, such as moderately high cholesterol and glucose. Consequently, we can provide an achievable action plan to prevent a chronic case before it happens.

Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Provectus health and wellness promotes healthy lifestyle changes that are attainable for all participants. Some steps toward impactful changes for participants include taking a 10 minute walk, drinking more water, adding more fruit to their diet and most of all making time for their health.

Smoking Cessation

Our health coaches provide a safe and sustainable step-down plan to make sure participants can walk away from smoking for good. Our corporate wellness solutions combine a customized plan with affordable resources for success. Kick that habit for good!

Weight Loss

Want your health and wellness plan to help you lose weight? Most participants do too! However, sustainable weight loss requires consistent, reachable goals. As a result, our health coaches provide individualized plans with ongoing check-ins, feedback and cheering you on to your goals.

Population Health Management

Our technology engine can accept participant health data from any system. We aggregate and analyze the data in a HIPAA compliant cloud. The system then provides prompts to participants, manages incentive plans or provides employers with action items to improve health and wellness results.

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