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Get Inspired by Our Employee Health Success Stories

Participants and employers alike are interested in results. Our health coaches, certified nurses and health population management tools found on our proprietary participant platform Wellvisor are geared to do exactly that. Wellness results matter, and we’re in the business of bringing results to employers and employees with our health strategies.

Here, we feature some of our best employee health success stories. We have seen participants lose weight, stop taking prescription medications, better manage their chronic health conditions, strengthen their family relationships and much more. We could talk about employee health success stories all day, but we know you would rather hear it from people who have lived it.

We are strong believers in taking small steps to reach big goals through our health strategy Systems, People and Process. On our Wellvisor System, participants can see their goals and their achievements on their path to wellness. Our certified nurses and health coaches serve as strategists, nutritionists, health coordinators, advisors, mentors, wellness cheerleaders and sometimes even therapists. As you read these employee health success stories, you begin to understand the close relationships our participants develop with their Provectus Health Strategy team – Our People. Our process includes setting achievable goals that are on the path to big results, taking those steps toward wellness and repeating that process over and over again.

You might be one small step away from your own health success story. Why don’t you find out today?

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