A Wellness Program that Makes a Difference.

Health and wellness is a very personal journey.

Typical single solution wellness programs that blanket the population may help make your healthiest employees even healthier, but are proven ineffective in reducing the cost of health care, improving productivity and enhancing the quality of life for your employees who need wellness support the most.

At WellVisor, we believe “one size fits all” programs are a prescription for failure. Every person with chronic illnesses, unique medical conditions and lifestyle challenges, needs a personalized plan to enhance his or her own wellness.

Our approach is to provide expert one-on-one attention in order to create a medically sound, personalized plan for every employee who needs assistance. By balancing human medical interaction and technology, WellVisor programs assist employees to build their wellness knowledge and set meaningful goals. Achievements are rewarded with real-time incentives that result in lasting behavioral changes, while demonstrating your long-term commitment to the health and well being of your employees.

Personalized Wellness Services at a Lower Cost.

Customized wellness plans sound more expensive, but they cost you far less.

As an employer, you pay only for the level of engagement and support needed for your population who needs services, based on their unique needs, not every employee.

The WellVisor program is a common sense approach. We make a difference in the health and wellness of your valued employees, while lowering the overall cost of health care.